Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review: The Time Keeper


By - Mitch Albom / Published - September 11, 2012

Father Time was once a living man.  His name was Dor and he was the first human to measure time.  He lived 6,000 years ago when life and time were simpler.  After a tragic illness took his wife, Dor wanted to reach the heavens and demand more time.  The result of this action was the fall of the Tower of Babel and him being placed in a cave where he had to listen to any mention of time.  Sarah is a girl in modern day New York.  She wants time to speed up so that she can be with the boy who is showing interest in her.  Sarah believes that if Ethan spends time with her, he will see how wonderful she is.  Victor is a millionaire in Manhattan.  He is dying and wants to cheat death.  Victor wants to freeze his body so that it can be healed of its cancer in the future and be given another lifetime to live.
After 6,000 years, Dor is release from his cave and sent to modern times to save these two people.  He must learn several lifetimes’ worth of information in order to succeed in this task.  He must also determine what he is supposed to do to save them.  The Time Keeper will take the reader on a spiritual journey through time.  Why is time so important?  Do humans spend too much of their precious time thinking about time?  This story is told through the eyes of these three different individuals, but the story still flows smoothly as you move through time and locations.  Readers of Mitch Albom’s other books with not be disappointed in this novel.   Goodreads Book Information 

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